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Valkyrie Applies to List Bitcoin Mining ETF
State Senator Introduces Bill to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender in Arizona
Gubernatorial Candidate Don Huffines Plans to Make Texas the Citadel for Bitcoin
Kazakhstan State Power Company Shuts Off Electricity Supply to Bitcoin Miners
SEC Rejects Fidelity’s Spot Bitcoin ETF
New York Bank Partners With NYDIG to Offer Bitcoin Services
Woleet Sign: The Bitcoin-Based eSignature App
Blockstream Launches AQUA: a New Bitcoin & Liquid Wallet
Magical Crypto Friends to Host World’s First Virtual Reality Bitcoin Conference
The BTC Times Launches News Platform Focused on Delivering Quality Reporting With a Focus on Bitcoin
Secure Your Bitcoin and Liquid Assets With the New Blockstream Jade Hardware Wallet
Bitcoin's Derivative Market Bulls Have Vanished
As It Embraces Bitcoin, Nigeria Offers Lessons To The Developing World
The Zen Of Knowing Your Opinion On Bitcoin Doesn’t Matter
Bitcoin Shows That Trust In The Government And The Gold Standard Isn’t Necessary
Bill Introduced To Make Bitcoin A Legal Tender In Arizona
Russia Prepares Roadmap For Bitcoin, Crypto Regulation: Report
Lebron James To Launch Bitcoin And Crypto Education Program
Reminder: Reject The Financial Action Task Force
A Grandfather Kneels Down: Food, Soil And Bitcoin
Why Implementing AOPP Could Pose A Risk To Bitcoin Long Term
The Fight For Bitcoin: The Keys To Victory
An At-Home, 2.4 PH Bitcoin Miner On Immersion Cooling And Getting Paid For Heat
Biden Administration To Regulate Bitcoin As A Matter Of National Security: Report
What Is Nakamoto-Gresham’s Law, And How Does It Pertain To Bitcoin?
Bitcoin’s Liquid Network Gains Six New Federation Members
If You Use Bitcoin, Consider Supporting These Critical Open-Source Projects
The Changing Monetary System, Yield Curves And Bitcoin
Brussels Member of Parliament to Take Full 2022 Salary in Bitcoin
Putin Supports Bitcoin Mining in Russia: Report
How Much More Loss Can The Bitcoin Market Sustain?
How 2021 Became One Of The Most Surprising, Formative Years In Bitcoin Mining
How Does Bitcoin Impact Your Taxes? 10 Things To Know
Real Bedford Football Club To Accept Bitcoin Through OpenNode
Why The Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Model Is Not Useful
Bitcoin Trades Neutral As Fed Chair Powell Speaks
The Fight for Bitcoin: The Lightning Round
Bonds And The Bitcoin Market
Putin: Russia Has ‘Advantages’ In Bitcoin Mining
Bitcoin Payroll Provider Bitwage Launches New Platform
The Bitcoin Price And Macroeconomic Correlations
Abundant Power, Open Trade Enabled By Bitcoin Is Path To Peace
The Fight For Bitcoin: Us And Them
IMF Urges El Salvador To Ditch Bitcoin
Bitcoin Decouples From The Nasdaq Ahead Of Fed Meeting
Why You Should Sell Your Bitcoin
Belarus To Keep Liberal Bitcoin Rules, Russia Seeks Regulation
How To Set Up And Secure Your Bitcoin With The Foundation Passport Wallet
Flushing Bank To Offer Bitcoin Services Through NYDIG
Despite Criticisms, El Salvador Is Not Forcing Its Citizens To Use Bitcoin
Is The Lightning Network Centralized?
The Fight For Bitcoin: Water’s Warm Maximalism
U.S. Real Estate Company Harbor To Accept Bitcoin
Satoshi Energy Raises 60 BTC To Power Bitcoin With Renewable Energy
Explaining CheckTemplateVerify, Bitcoin’s Latest Controversial Soft Fork Proposal
Bitcoin Miner CleanSpark Reaches 2 EH/s Hashrate Capacity
Solo Bitcoin Miner With Only 86 TH Finds Valid Block
Why January Is A Historic Month For Bitcoin
Replacing The U.S Dollar With Bitcoin: Dismantling Fiat Architecture
How Should A Nation State Hold Bitcoin?
Food for thought
Portnoy in
Yeah fuck you
A bill introduced in Arizona to make Bitcoin legal tender!
Look at this clown
US Gov't is about to invest in bitcoin. Putin just "directed the Central Bank of Russia not to neglect the advantages of Bitcoin mining." Biden's executive order of national security is not to regulate bitcoin. It's to buy bitcoin in the name of national security. My source is my ass.
UK is going crypto. If you can't beat it join them
Apparently my Papa John's is THE Papa John's?
Can you resist the temptation to sell ?
Arizona has introduced a bill to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender
Trezor is about to implement the AOPP. I’ll never recommend or buy their products again.
Trezor does and about turn on their decision on AOPP "We will remove AOPP in our next Trezor Suite update in February. "
Psst! Looking for that good hopium?
Went to the bank last week to take out cash so I could move it to another account and buy the dip...
Bitcoin isn't a right-wing plot. It's inclusive by design despite what critics say.
Texas Governor Seeks Bitcoin Miners’ Help To Solve Electrical Grid Problems.
Bitcoin HODLers waiting for the Biden Administration’s executive order
Joined full node gang, funds are safu
Fix the money. Fix the world.
"Bitcoin clearly got caught in the liquidity storm that is now sweeping the more-speculative side of the stock market. But unlike non-profitable tech stocks, Bitcoin has a fundamental underpinning that will likely get more compelling over time" -Jurrien Timmer, Fidelity’s director of Global Macro
Tesla Records 2nd Profitable Year, Still Holding 42,000 BTC
Salvadorans show support for bitcoin despite IMF criticism
Arizona possibly making Bitcoin legal tender
USA- Crypto to Fund Political Campaigns
Max Keiser explains Bitcoin to Peter Schiff in 2017
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Can I factor knowing only SemiPrimes. Can a graph reveal factors?
What is a Miniscript fragment? And what should I call the underscore letter?
Creating mutilple bitcoin wallets
How bitcoin browsers check P2PK and P2SH balance?
question about orphan transaction pool
bitcoinjs-lib: P2SH (purpose 49) addresses derived from an xpub are not matching Ian Coleman's Bip39
How does the registration of the 'bitcoin' URL scheme to an online wallet like Coinbase work?
I have all 12 phrase words, but can't figure out the order of the last six words. What do I do?
What does the bitcoin username & password refers to?
Error in configuring Qt with Bitcoin Core on Windows
Creating HD wallet using Blockcypher
How do I set up a long-lived lightning channel for accepting bitcoin donations?
Do you need a configuration flag to be able to obtain detailed debug logs?
Binance Bitcoin Address shows 0 balance on blockchain explorer
What accounting software exist to support crypto exchanges?
How to set up a listener on an address, and trigger events upon receiving transaction?
Is it normal or acceptable behavior for a c-lightning plugin not to shut down after lightningd is stopped?
would you please tell me where is the cpp file in which immature_balance function concerned?
no output on gettxout method [All Blocks Are Counted]
What to look for in Bitcoin-core logfile when something bad happens
How to calculate conversion exchange fees?
How to get BTC transfer amount from raw tx using bitcoinjs
Tracking incoming transactions using nodejs and own node
Stratum protocol - problem with implementation in python
What does Bitcoin policy language offer the developer that Miniscript doesn't? What is the difference between Bitcoin policy language and Miniscript?
Import bitcoin core generated multisig public address to electrum multisig wallet for watch(2/3) and sign(1/3)
Where does the Bitcoin Core code serialize the number of transactions?
Generating Bitcoin Public and Private Keys
Bitcoin exchange platforms and foreign exchange regulations
How to code the Simplest BitCoin CPU Miner?
SLP343 r0ckstar dev & Pavlenex - Career Opportunities in Bitcoin Open Source
SLP342 Heavily Armed Clown - Should Bitcoiners Get on Zero Fiat?
SLP341 Zelko & Din - Ronin Dojo & Tanto
SLP340 Peter Young - El Salvador On The Ground & Free Private Cities
SLP339 Jeremy Rubin - What is Check Template Verify?
SLP338 Mauricio Di Bartolomeo - Bitcoin Home Loans & Stablecoins
SLP337 Salvatore Ingala - Ledger’s New Bitcoin App: PSBT, Taproot, Descriptors, Multi-Sig
SLP336 Sam Callahan - The Problem with the BIS
SLP335 Don Stuart - Venture Capital and Bitcoin
SLP334 Jeff Booth - Escape The System & 2021 Year In Review
SLP333 Cory Klippsten - Building for Bitcoiners
SLP332 Vijay Boyapati - The Bearish Case for Bitcoin
SLP331 Eric Sirion - MiniMint, Federated Mints for Bitcoin scaling and privacy
SLP330 Laserhodl - Opting out of ‘The Great Reset’ with Bitcoin
SLP329 Samson Mow - Bitcoin Bonds For Bitcoin City Breakdown & Liquid, AMP
SLP328 The Rise of Bitcoin Nomadism with CoinsureNZ
SLP327 Mike Germano - Going Against Fiat Media & Bitcoin Magazine Print Edition
SLP326 Dylan Leclair Using Fiat Debt For Bitcoin Stacking
SLP325 PlanB - Is the S2F model still on track? What about the supercycle and floor model?
SLP324 Scaling Bitcoin off chain with Matt Corallo, Alex Bosworth, Lisa Neigut and Graham Krizek
SLP323 Graham Krizek - Running Hosted Bitcoin & Lightning Nodes at Voltage
SLP322 Perth Heat - The Baseball Team on a Bitcoin Standard
SLP321 On chain scaling with Bitcoin Core Developers Pieter Wuille, Andrew Poelstra, Andrew Chow & Murch
SLP320 Statechains and Mercury Wallet: A New Privacy Technique?
SLP319 T-Bast Lightning Protocol Privacy Exploration
SLP318 Ronald Pol - The ineffectiveness of AML
SLP317 Tomer Strolight - Why Learn About Bitcoin?
SLP316 Why Libertarians Should Focus On Bitcoin - with Vake & Wolf von Laer
SLP315 k3tan - Networking For Bitcoiners
SLP314 Dustin Trammell - The Second Node On The Bitcoin Network?
SLP313 Gigi - USD is going down to 1 sat & Bitcoin is Time
SLP312 Mark Moss - Energy Crisis, Cycles & Bitcoin
SLP311 Bitcoin: Only The Strong Survive - with Big Al
SLP310 Should We Stop Using Software Wallets? Bitcoin Software Security With Charles Guillemet
SLP309 Easy CoinJoin Use For Desktop Is Here With Sparrow Wallet with Craig Raw
SLP308 Philip Glazman - Scaling Exchanges With Lightning And Lightning User Profiles
SLP307 Becoming A Lightning Routing Node Operator with Jestopher and Tony of Amboss
SLP306 Guy Swann - What Makes Bitcoin A Breakthrough (Newcoiner episode)
SLP305 El Salvador Bitcoin Law On The Ground with Aaron van Wirdum
SLP304 Is The Bitcoin Infinity Meme Wrong? With Knut Svanholm
SLP303 Ethereum’s Path to Centralisation with Alex B
SLP302 SeedSigner - Bitcoin multi sig security under $50
SLP301 Bitcoin Mining Pools Decentralised? A Discussion with Pavel Moravec of SlushPool & Ryan Ellis of Laurentia Pool
SLP300 Adam Back Bitcoin, Privacy & Censorship Resistance
SLP299 Adam O - Bitcoin Optionality for Oil & Gas
SLP298 Rusty Russell - Lightning Offers / BOLT12: The next big thing in Lightning?
SLP297 Ergo - Chain Surveil Yourself!
SLP296 Saifedean Ammous - The Biggest Fiat Malinvestment
SLP295 John Lee Quigley Why Bitcoin Mining Is Shifting to North America
SLP294 Lyn Alden - Inflation, Debt, and Energy Markets
SLP293 Greg Foss The Debt Problem You Can’t Ignore
SLP292 Andrew Chow Output Script Descriptors for Bitcoin
SLP291 Caitlin Long Stablecoins, Bitcoin & The Fed
SLP290 NVK Bitcoin Security & Backups Primer
SLP289 Roasbeef Bitcoin & Lightning For a Billion Users
SLP288 Hass McCook - Why You Must Set Up A Bitcoin DCA Plan
SLP287 Danny Scott and Zakk Lakin - Hoffline wallets & Lightning adoption
SLP286 Hector Rosekrans - Bitcoin & Inheritance
SLP285 Jeff Booth Bitcoin vs Fiat “Extend and Pretend”
SLP284 Steve Barbour - Bitcoin & Fossil Fuels vs Fiat Maxis
SLP283 Alex Gladstein Bitcoin: Who’s For Freedom, and Who’s Not?
SLP282 Alex Epstein - Why Bitcoiners Should Reframe The Energy Debate & Own Their Energy Use
SLP281 Cory Klippsten - Bitcoin Is For Everyone, Swan Bitcoin $1B run rate, Bitcoiner Ventures, Elon’s mistakes
SLP280 BTCxZelko & Pavel - Reclaim Your Bitcoin Privacy with Ronin Dojo
SLP279 Michael Peterson and Nicolas Burtey - Bitcoin Beach: Citadel By The Sea in El Zonte, El Salvador
SLP278 Matt Odell & Ben Price - OpenSats: Bitcoin & Open Source Initiative
SLP277 Alejandro De La Torre - Coordinating Bitcoin Upgrades With Mining Pools
SLP276 Anthony Ronning - Bitcoin Lightning Privacy: FUD and Facts
SLP275 Pavel Moravec - SlushPool Signalling For Taproot
SLP274 William Clemente III - Bitcoin’s Great Consolidation
SLP273 Andy Edstrom - Bitcoin and Leverage: Don’t Get Rekt
SLP272 Peter St Onge - Bitcoin Energy Double Standards & Why Robots Are Not Taking All Our Jobs
SLP271 Pete Rizzo When Satoshi Disappeared
SLP270 Bob Murphy What Does A Hard Money Bitcoin World Look Like?
SLP269 Jack Mallers - Bitcoin Wins Because It Is Open
SLP268 Peter Todd - Should Signal Have Used Bitcoin Instead?
SLP267 Joe Burnett How Big Is The Market For Bitcoin?
SLP266 Croesus_BTC - Bitcoin: Stake Your Claim Before Everyone Else
SLP265 Diverter - Becoming Uncle Jim: Being Digital Sherpa for Family & Friends
SLP264 Roy Sheinfeld Podcasting 2.0 & Lightning with Breez
SLP263 Parker Lewis - The Greatest Trick Central Banks Ever Pulled
SLP262 Craig Raw Bitcoin Multi Sig With Sparrow Wallet
SLP261 Dominic Frisby - Bitcoin vs Daylight Robbery (Taxation)
SLP260 Luke Dashjr How Bitcoin UASF Went Down, Taproot LOT=True, Speedy Trial, Small Blocks
SLP259 Whit Gibbs - Bitcoin Mining For All With Compass Mining
SLP258 Rafael Schultze-Kraft Bitcoin Supply Crunch
SLP257 Matt Corallo - Bitcoin Soft Fork Activation, Taproot, and Playing Chicken
SLP256 David Bailey Bitcoin 2021 and Bull Markets
SLP255 Gleb Naumenko: The Label, Bitcoin Dev & Consulting
SLP254 Dario Sneidermanis Muun Wallet: Bitcoin & Lightning All In One
SLP253 Samson Mow Blockstream Jade, Liquid & Bitcoin Mining
SLP252 NVK Bitcoin Hardware Wallets vs Air Gapped Computers
SLP251 Dan Held HODL Mindset & Bitcoin Finances
SLP250 Andrew Henderson - Nomad Capitalism for Bitcoiners
SLP249 Bitcoin Patents & Open Crypto Alliance with Stephan Kinsella and Jed Grant
SLP248 Godfrey Bloom - What Will Government Do To Bitcoin
SLP247 Luke Gromen - Does Bitcoin Recreate The Hunger Games?
SLP246 Mandrik - Earning Bitcoin Will Change Your Life
SLP245 - helping Bitcoin migrate to a multi-layer ecosystem
SLP244 Nik Bhatia - Bitcoin: The Safest Layer
SLP243 PlanB Demand For Bitcoin Will Skyrocket
SLP242 Jonas Schnelli Maintaining Bitcoin Core: Contributions, Consensus, Conflict
SLP241 Bunnie - Precursor: Open Source Hardware Development Platform (Feat. Nicolas Dorier as guest host)
SLP240 Jimmy Song & Robert Breedlove - Thank God For Bitcoin
SLP239 Jake Chervinsky - Pushing Back on FinCEN non-custodial Bitcoin Regulation
SLP238 Zach Herbert & Ken Carpenter - Passport by Foundation Devices: Air Gapped Hardware Wallet
SLP237 Saifedean Ammous - Fiat Standard & Fiat Propaganda
SLP236 Nic Carter Stablecoins: Bullish or Bearish For Bitcoin?
SLP235 Niall Ferguson Bitcoin & Monetary Revolution
SLP234 Ron Paul Bitcoin, Liberty & Freedom in Money
SLP233 Vijay Boyapati - Bitcoin Valuations & Cycles
SLP232 Lyn Alden - Bitcoin as Emerging Store of Value
SLP231 Stepan Snigirev Build Your Own Hardware Wallet with Specter DIY
SLP230 Is Lightning The Future Of Bitcoin Transactions? Udi Wertheimer and Eric Wall Discuss
SLP229 John Newbery - Brink: Bitcoin Development
SLP228 OKCoin’s Bitcoin Developer Grant Program with Hong Fang
SLP227 Will Bitcoin & Dissident Tech Splinter Governments? Robert Breedlove and Jesse Lawler Debate
SLP226 Max Keidun Can Bitcoin Do DeFi and Lending? Hodl Hodl Lend
SLP225 Embassy: Sovereign Personal Computing, Privacy, Bitcoin & Lightning with Matt Hill & Aiden McClelland
SLP224 NVK - What Do Most People Get Wrong About Bitcoin Security? Blockclock Mini & Bitcoin Treasuries
SLP223 Preston Pysh Bitcoin's Final Cycle?
SLP222 Jonas Nick and Tim Ruffing What’s MuSig2? What Does it Mean for Bitcoin Multisig?
SLP221 Joe Kelly And Dhruv Bansal - Should Your Business Hold Bitcoin? Unchained Business Accounts
SLP220 Is Bitcoin Democratic, And Is Democracy Good? With Saifedean and Alex Gladstein
SLP219 Nadav Kohen - What You Should Know About Bitcoin DLCs
SLP218 Philip Haslam & Russ Lamberti - Debt Culture & When Money Destroys Nations
SLP217 Exploring Bitcoin With Godfrey Bloom
SLP216 Gloria Zhao Learning Bitcoin Core Contribution & Hosting PR Review Club
SLP215 Michael Flaxman - 10x Your Bitcoin Security With Multisig
SLP214 Pierre Rochard & Fabian Jahr - Where Are All The Bitcoins?
SLP213 Michael Saylor - Bitcoin Dematerializes Money
SLP212 Alex Daskalov Can Bitcoin In Custody Be Insured?
SLP211 Steve Lee - Bitcoin Grants, Design & Crypto Patents (COPA)
SLP210 Sergej Kotliar How To Watch Bitcoin’s Mempool, Lightning Adoption & Privacy
SLP209 Samourai Wallet - Bitcoin Culture & New Privacy Features
SLP208 Peter Schiff Bitcoin or Gold?
SLP207 Roasbeef - Lightning Labs lnd Goes Wumbo
SLP206 Luke Childs - How To Recover Bitcoins & Umbrel
SLP205 Specter Desktop Bitcoin Multi Sig with Stepan Snigirev & Ben Kaufman
SLP204 Robert Breedlove Bitcoin vs Slave Money
SLP203 Raoul Pal - Bitcoin and Macro Collide
SLP202 Jeff Yew - Bitcoin in Australia
SLP201 Bitcoin Local Trader Comes to BlueWallet with Nuno & Igor
SLP200 Christian Decker - ANYPREVOUT, MPP, Mitigating LN Attacks
SLP199 Electrum Wallet 4 with Thomas V & Ghost43
SLP198 Caitlin Long - What Are Austrian Economists Missing About Money And Banking?
SLP197 Stephen Cole How to Run Your Local Bitcoin Meetup
SLP196 Is Bitcoin Being Captured? With Matt Odell, Alex Gladstein & Rafael Yakobi
SLP195 nix-bitcoin: A Security Focused Bitcoin Node
SLP194 RaspiBlitz with Rootzoll and Openoms
SLP193 Gary Leland - Bitcoin For Boomers & BitBlockBoom
SLP192 Alyse Killeen – Investing In Bitcoin Companies
SLP191 Jeff Booth - Bitcoin & Our Deflationary Future
SLP190 Rafael Schultze-Kraft – How Many Bitcoins Are Being HODLed?
SLP189 Ragnar Lifthrasir Should You Spend Bitcoin Now?
SLP188 Dan Held – Does Bitcoin Need Marketing?
SLP187 John Cantrell - Bruteforcing Bitcoin Seeds
SLP186 Joseph Salerno – Bitcoin and How Money Arises
SLP185 Vijay Boyapati – What Bitcoin Is
SLP184 Alessandro Cecere – Bitcoin Nodes in Venezuela
SLP183 Dennis Wohlfarth & Clinton Donnelly – Bitcoin Tax Strategies
SLP182 Nick Neuman & Jameson Lopp - The Next 100 Million Bitcoin Users
SLP181 Preston Pysh – Bitcoin as Numeraire
SLP180 Eric (iamTheCharacter) Bitcoin as Protest and Macro Solution
SLP179 Ergo - Unwinding Bitcoin Coinjoins: Tumblers, Wasabi, JoinMarket
SLP178 6102 Bitcoin
SLP177 Murch – Bitcoin Coin Selection
SLP176 Parker Lewis & Buck Perley – Caravan Multisig Bitcoin Wallet
SLP175 Matt Ahlborg – Bitcoin In the Developing World
SLP174 Matt Ridley - Bitcoin & How Innovation Works
SLP173 Bitstein – Nakamoto Institute Bitcoin Literature Review
SLP172 Nicolas Dorier & Kukks – P2EP Comes To BTCPay Server
SLP171 PlanB & Saifedean Ammous – Bitcoin S2FX, S2F, and Evolution From Collectible to Financial Asset
SLP170 Yuri de Gaia - Bitcoin’s Two Economies & Citadels
SLP169 Jeff Deist - Bitcoin & Acting Locally
SLP168 Lisa Neigut - Lightning Network Channel Accounting and Dual Funded Channels
SLP167 Chris Belcher - What’s The Problem With Bitcoin Surveillance?
SLP166 Max Keidun - P2P Bitcoin Trading No KYC, coming to your smartphone powered by Hodl Hodl
SLP165 Rafael Yakobi - Should Coinjoin users be flagged? Is Privacy Illegal?
SLP164 Gleb Naumenko - erlay Bitcoin transaction relay
SLP163 Cory Klippsten - Bitcoin’s Intransigent Minority, Swan Bitcoin & Bitcoiner Ventures
SLP162 Matt D’Souza - Bitcoin Halving Analysis: Bullish for Competitive Miners
SLP161 Titus Gebel - Bitcoin Citadels as Free Private Cities
SLP160 BTCxZelko - Protect Your Bitcoin Privacy With Ronin Dojo
SLP159 Phil Bonello - Bitcoin Sovereign Individual Investment Thesis
SLP158 John Lee Quigley - How Does a Bitcoin Price Crash Impact Bitcoin Miners?
SLP157 Andy Edstrom - Bad Options For the Fiat Debt Problem & Why Buy Bitcoin
SLP156 Carlos Roldan - Satoshi's Games and Lightnite
SLP155 Clark Moody - Bitcoin Dashboard & the 1000 Year Bull Run
SLP154 Nick @BTConometrics - Quantitative Bitcoin Analysis & S2F Cointegration Strengthens
SLP153 Philipp Bagus - What Most People Get Wrong About Deflation
SLP152 NVK - CK-BUNKER and Bitcoin Backups
SLP151 Obi - Coinfloor Going Bitcoin Only & Bitcoin Audits (aka Proof of Reserves)
SLP150 Samourai Wallet - Make Every Bitcoin Spend a CoinJoin
SLP149 Waxwing - Is Consumerism at Odds With Privacy in Bitcoin? JoinMarket, PayJoin, SNICKER
SLP148 Petek @RadarRayne - Bridging Art and Bitcoin with Stock to Flow
SLP147 Pierre Rochard & Saifedean Ammous - Bitcoin as Savings Technology & Number Go Up
SLP146 Will Cole - Bitcoin Native Financial Services
SLP145 Rahim Taghizadegan - The Zero Interest Rate Trap and social consequences of fiat
SLP144 Steve Lee - Square Crypto and Supporting Bitcoin Development
SLP143 Eduardo Gomez - Bitcoin as a source of truth in Venezuela
SLP142 Pierre-Marie Padiou - ACINQ & Phoenix Wallet: easiest non-custodial lightning wallet yet?
SLP141 American HODL - HODLer stories and Bitcoin Citadels
SLP140 Gigi - Bitcoin’s Gravity and 21 Lessons
SLP139 Andreas M. Antonopoulos - Mastering Lightning & Using BTCPayServer
SLP138 Matt Odell - Should Bitcoiners Coinjoin?
SLP137 AJ Towns - Schnorr Taproot Tapscript BIPs
SLP136 Alex Leishman - Bitcoin Socratic Seminars & River Financial
SLP135 Suheb - Manage Your Lightning Node with RTL
SLP134 Rusty Russell - Lightning Multi Part Payments
SLP133 Trace Mayer - Proof of Keys, and Bitcoin’s Battle on Two Fronts
SLP132 Christian Moss (Mandelduck) - Bitcoin Lightning gaming with Zebedee
SLP131 Parker Lewis - Bitcoin is Intuitive
SLP130 ErgoBTC - Tracking PlusToken Scammers with White Hat Bitcoin Chain Analysis
SLP129 Pascal Gauthier - Ledger, Bitcoin Security, and what to expect for 2020
SLP128 Jan Čapek - Stratum v2 Bitcoin Mining Protocol
SLP127 Ben Perrin (BTCSessions) - Bitcoin beginner onboarding strategies
SLP126 Ben Askren
SLP125 Thomas Voegtlin - Electrum Wallet: Bitcoin seeds, PSBT, Multi sig, Lightning
SLP124 Jon Atack - Bitcoin Core Contribution
SLP123 Allen Piscitello - Sidechains & Blockstream Liquid
SLP122 PlanB - Responses to the S2F model
SLP121 Yan Pritzker - Intro to Bitcoin Mining (Beginner episode)
SLP120 Jack Mallers - Lightning & Identity, Olympus and Zap
SLP119 Alex Bosworth - Submarine Swaps, Loop, Hyperloop
SLP118 Mike Belshe - BitGo Bitcoin Custody
SLP117 Pura Vida - Learning about Bitcoin Privacy
SLP116 Taylor Helsper - Easy Bitcoin Nodes with myNode
SLP115 Trace Mayer - Bitcoin as Ultimate Collateral
SLP114 Gene Epstein - Moderating Bitcoin Debates
SLP113 Dhruv Bansal - Bitcoin Multisig & Hermit with Unchained Capital
SLP112 - Wiz and m52go - Bisq: Decentralised Bitcoin Trading
SLP111 Bitstein - Satoshi Nakamoto Institute Bitcoin Crash Course
SLP110 Neil Woodfine - Cerberus Protocol for Business Bitcoin Storage
SLP109 Preston Pysh - How To Think About Bitcoin as an Investor
SLP108 Bryan Bishop - Bitcoin Vaults & Custody
SLP107 Jeremy Welch & Jameson Lopp - Casa Wealth Security Protocol
SLP106 Diogo Monica - Glacier Protocol and Anchorage
SLP105 Justin Moon & Stepan Snigirev - DIY Bitcoin Hardware Wallet and Multi Signature
SLP104 Douglas Bakkum and Jonas Schnelli - BitBox02 by Shift Cryptosecurity
SLP103 Charles Guillemet - Hardware Wallet Security and Hacking at Donjon Ledger
SLP102 Jimmy Song & Alex Gladstein - The Little Bitcoin Book
SLP101 Rodolfo Novak - Coldcard by Coinkite
SLP100 Pavol Rusnak (Stick) - Trezor One and Model T by SatoshiLabs
SLP99 Andrew Chow - Hardware Wallets and Bitcoin Core with HWI and PSBT
SLP98 Rusty Russell and Joe Netti - Can Lightning Network Scale to a Million Channels?
SLP97 Michael Flaxman - Every Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Sucks
SLP96 Max Hillebrand - Bitcoin Hardware Wallets for Newbies
SLP95 Aleks Svetski - Clashing Visions
SLP94 Roy Sheinfeld - Lightning Network Services for the Masses
SLP93 Raoul Pal - Global Macro Risks and Bitcoin
SLP92 Britt Kelly - BTCPayServer documentation, translation & Newbie tips
SLP91 Kukks - BTCPayServer architecture and BTC transmuter
SLP90 Pavlenex - BTCPayServer for Merchants
SLP89 Rockstar Dev - BTCPayServer, Tor crowdfunding, and Rockstarism
SLP88 Conner Brown - Bitcoin is Money, not Payments
SLP87 Per Bylund - The Problem of Production
SLP86 PlanB - Frontrunning the Bitcoin Halvening?
SLP85 Sergej Kotliar - Building Bitcoin’s Circular Economy
SLP84 Stepan Snigirev - Quantum Computing Threat to Bitcoin and Next Generation Bitcoin Hardware Wallets
SLP83 Conner Fromknecht - Bitcoin Lightning Watchtowers in depth
SLP82 Alena Vranova - Data privacy in a digital age
SLP81 Dan Held - Why Bitcoin’s Security is Fine
SLP80 Richard Myers - Bitcoin Incentivised Mesh Networking with Lot49
SLP79 Misir Mahmudov - Bitcoin, Inequality & Morals
SLP78 Samourai Wallet - Welcome to the Dojo
SLP77 Kalle Rosenbaum - Grokking Bitcoin: it’s not just for developers
SLP76 Vijay Boyapati - Bitcoin is not Paypal 2.0
SLP75 Giacomo Zucco - There is only one Bitcoin (Newbie episode)
SLP74 Wiz - Bitcoiners vs Shitcoiners
SLP73 Tamas Blummer - Rust-Bitcoin, Threats to Bitcoin & Bitcoin Data Science
SLP72 Eric Voskuil - Fractional or Full Reserve Banking? and Jurisdictional Arbitrage
SLP71 Stephan Livera - Intro to Bitcoin Austrian thought
SLP70 Matt Odell - Putting Bitcoin into practice for noobs
SLP69 Saifedean Ammous - How governments could kill Bitcoin and Bitcoin scenarios
SLP68 Joost Jager - Lightning Loop Out/In, and Lightning Network Criticisms
SLP67 Plan B (@100trillionUSD) - Modelling Bitcoin’s digital scarcity through stock-to-flow techniques
SLP66 James O’Beirne - The truth about ‘power’ in Bitcoin
SLP65 Nik Bhatia: Bitcoin Lightning Reference Rate and Node Accrual Rate
SLP64 Tuur Demeester - What is Bitcoin Worth? A Bitcoin Valuation Framework
SLP63 LightningK0ala - Bitcoin and Lightning enabled online gaming
SLP62 Rodolfo Novak - Keeping Bitcoin Cypherpunk
SLP61 David Bailey - Refocusing on Bitcoin
SLP60 Askuwheteau & Ketominer of nodl - Plug and Play Bitcoin Lightning Nodes
SLP59 Christian Decker - Bitcoin Lightning Channel Factories
SLP58 Chris Belcher - Defending Bitcoin Privacy
SLP57 Alex Adelman, Founder of Lolli - How Newbies Can Earn Bitcoin
Max Keidun & Roman Snitko of Hodl Hodl Bitcoin Exchange & Baltic Honeybadger
SLP55 Shinobi (Brian_Trollz)
SLP54 Justin Camarena of Bitrefill - Bitcoin Lightning & Channel Management
SLP53 Andreas M. Antonopoulos - On Bitcoin Maximalism
SLP52 Jack Dorsey & Elizabeth Stark - Bitcoin: Native Currency of the Internet
SLP51 Dr Guido Hülsmann - Austrian Monetary Economics & Bitcoin
SLP50 Rui Gomes & João Almeida of OpenNode - Helping merchants take Bitcoin Lightning Payments
SLP49 Marty Bent - Bitcoin content creation and curation, and 'mainstream' Economics
SLP48 Nicolas Dorier and BTCPayServer - self hosted Bitcoin and Lightning payments
SLP47 Giacomo Zucco - Custodial LN, Altcoins, Financialisation, Attacks on Bitcoin
SLP46 Sjors Provoost - Bitcoin Core Dev, Hardware Wallet Support, Fungibility
SLP45 Jeff Deist, President of the Mises Institute
SLP44 Aleks Svetski, CEO of Amber - Blind Excesses, Crypto, Bitcoin
SLP43 Jameson Lopp, Cypherpunk and CTO of Casa
SLP42 Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream - Blockstream Satellite, Tim May, Bitcoin Privacy
SLP41 Dhruv Bansal of Unchained Capital - Bitcoin Dust in the Machine, and Bitcoin Financial Service
SLP40 Vijay Boyapati - Why Credit Deflation is More Likely Than Mass Inflation
SLP39 Olaoluwa Osuntokun (Roasbeef), CTO of Lightning Labs
SLP38 Per Bylund - The size of firms
SLP37 Rene Pickhardt - Bitcoin Lightning Education & Lightning Summit
SLP36 Justin Moon - Teaching Bitcoin HODLers to code @ BUIDL Bootcamp
SLP35 Pierre Rochard - Lightning Power Excel Plugin, Lightning Residency
SLP34 Dan Held - Bitcoin Heroes, Villains, Survival, and Capitulation
SLP33 Kara Haas - Bitcoin & Crypto Audit and Accounting
SLP32 Rigel (CoinsureNZ), Relaying Bitcoin transactions with TxTenna for censorship resistance
SLP31 Bitcoin & Crypto eating the world, with Patri Friedman
SLP30 Bitcoin-backed loans and financial services, with Zac Prince of BlockFi
SLP29 - Samourai Wallet, Bitcoin privacy software that Silicon Valley would never build
SLP28 - Cyphernode Bitcoin API, with Francis Pouliot and Etienne Larrivee of Satoshi Portal
SLP27 - Turning Stranded Natural Gas Into Bitcoin Mining Hashes, with Steve Barbour of Upstream Data
SLP26 - Building Bitcoin services to last, with Jeremy Welch of Casa
SLP25 - Taking Bitcoin Lightning Payment, and 'earner adoption', with Sergej Kotliar, CEO of Bitrefill
SLP24 - Wasabi Bitcoin Wallet & Bitcoin Privacy, with Adam Ficsor (nopara73)
SLP23 - Economic Eras of Bitcoin, and Lightning Development, with Rusty Russell of Blockstream
SLP22 - Unnecessary crypto-tokens and Bitcoin/Lightning development, with Udi Wertheimer
SLP21 - Jimmy Song, Bitcoin Educator, Developer and Entrepreneur
SLP20 - Samson Mow, CSO of Blockstream
SLP19 - The Bitcoin Ecosystem, with Vortex (Jeffrey)
SLP18 - Pioneering Bitcoin/Lightning Payments in Australia, with Daniel Alexiuc (CEO Living Room of Satoshi)
SLP17 - Bitmain, Bcash, Facebook Crypto rumours, and reframing scarcity with Vijay Boyapati
SLP16 - Keeping Bitcoin Simple, with Beautyon (Akin Fernandez)
SLP15 - Intellectual Property, Bitcoin, and Internet Censorship, with Stephan Kinsella
SLP14 - Lightning Hack Day, with Jeff Gallas of Fulmo
SLP13 - Bitcoin as Ultimate Asset, with Fernando Ulrich, Austrian Economist
SLP12 - Bitcoin Mining and Energy, with Hass McCook
SLP11 - Bitcoin's Decentralised Governance, with Pierre Rochard
SLP10 - Visions of Bitcoin and Transaction Batching with Nic Carter and Hasu
SLP9 - Lightning UX and Routing, with Bryan Vu
SLP8 - Bitcoin Monetary Evolution, with Murad Mahmudov
SLP7 - Earning Interest on Bitcoin's Lightning Network, with Nik Bhatia
SLP6 - Fiat Money as 'fad diet', with Bitstein
SLP5 - Bitcoin in Beijing and common errors in 'Crypto', with Neil Woodfine
SLP4 - Why Bitcoin and not the others, with JW Weatherman
SLP3 - Bitcoin Investment Theses with Pierre Rochard
SLP2 - How Bitcoin "mentally captures" people with Vijay Boyapati
SLP1 - Bitcoin as Sound Money with Saifedean Ammous, Austrian Economist
S10 E5: Lucas Ontivero on Wasabi Wallet, Wabisabi & Bitcoin Privacy
S10 E4: Juan Galt on RarePepeWorld & Bitcoin NFTs
S10 Special: Chris DeRose on Counterparty NFTs, Web 3 & Ladyboys
S10 E3: Christian Moss, Shaban Shaame & Koji Higashi on Legendary Bitcoin NFTs
S10 E2: Theo Goodman on Rare Pepes and Bitcoin Counterparty NFTs
S10 E1: Eric Martindale and George Burke on Portal and DeFi on Bitcoin Layer 3
S9 E11: Satoshi Sound on the Bitcoin & Friends Show
S9 E10: David St-Onge on Bitcoin Books
S9 E9: Max Hillebrand on Praxeology, Human Action & El Salvador
S9 E8: Kenichi Kurimoto & Hitomi Moriyama on Nayuta, Bitcoin & Lightning
S9 E7: Knut Svanholm on Sovereignty and Bitcoin in El Salvador
S9 E1: Chris DeRose on the Philosophy of Demoralization (Remastered Audio)
S9 E6: Ben Arc on Anarchism's Left Wing Origins
S9 E5: Matt Hill on the Philosophy of Sovereignty
S9 E4: Paul Sztorc on the Philosophy of BIP 300 & Prediction Markets
S9 E3: Joshua Scigala on the Philosophy of Anarcho-Capitalism
S9 E2: Vlad Zamfir on the Philosophy of Absurdism & Szabo's Law
S8 E12: Lixin Liu on the KeyStone Hardware Wallet
S9 E1: Chris DeRose on the Philosophy of Demoralization
S8 Special: Max Hillebrand on Wasabi Wallet, Hardware Wallets, Privacy & Anarchy
S8 E11: Stepan Snigirev on Specter Wallet & DIY Hardware Wallet
BTCTKVR Radio Music, Vol. 1
S8 E10: Seedsigner on DIY Hardware Wallets
S8 E9: Ben Arc on Bowser Wallet, LNBits & Open Source
S8 E8: Slush on Trezor and Tropic Square
S8 E7: Lixin Liu on the Cobo Vault Hardware Wallet
S8 E6: Lazy Ninja on Hacking Hardware Wallets
S8 E5: Zach Herbert on Foundation Devices' Passport
S8 E4: Lawrence Nahum on Blockstream's Jade
S8 E3: Erik Voorhees on KeepKey, Open Source & Self Custody
S8 E2: Charles Guillemet on Ledger
S8 E1: Benma on BitBox02
S7 Special: Atlas on Life in Columbia
S7 Special: Giacomo Zucco and Mir on Politics, Music & Films
S7 E10: Hodlonaut & Katia on Cats, Music & Films
S7 E9: Koleya Karringten on Combustion Heating Systems
S7 E8: Charlie Lee on Video Games, Star Wars & Investing
S7 E7: John Carvalho on Music, Art & Video Games
S7 E6: Car Golzalez on Podcasting, Music & Integrity
S7 E5: SpaceBull on Art, Women & The Motorola RAZR Flip Phone
S7 E4: Mario Gibney on Psychedelics, Video Games & Addiction
S7 E3: Joshua Scigala on Gold, Philosophy & Ethics
S7 E2: Colin Aulds on Video Games, USSR History & VR
S7 E1: Stephen Chow on Art, Patronage & Video Games
S6 E11: Joshua Scigala on Bitcoin and Gold
S6 E10: Shilling Lightning to the Moon with John Carvalho
S6 E9: Jonas Nick, Peter Todd & Alekos Filini on Bitcoin Development
S6 E8: Pavol Luptak on Paralelni Polis Hackers Congress
S6 E7: Jarret Dyrbye (JD2983) on Lightning Network Development, Sparkshot & Socket Money
S6 E6: Max Hillebrand on Bitcoin Privacy Advocacy & Wasabi Wallet
S6 E5: Stadicus on Full Nodes, BitBox02 & MultiSig Setups
S6 E4: Justin Wales on Law, Taxes & Bitcoin as Free Speech
S6 E3: Luis Ploennig on Bitcoin in South America & Indacoin
S6 E2: Crypto Coder Bob on Sovereignty and Bingo Cards
S6 E1: Konikko Trader on Bitcoin in Russia & Trading while HODLing
S5 E10: Arthur van Pelt on Craig Wright
S5 E9: Matthew Haywood on the Liquid Sidechain & His Work at Blockstream
S5 E8: Eric Voskuil on Libbitcoin Development & Austrian Economics
S5 E7: Torsten Hoffmann on his new Bitcoin film, "Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains, and the Future of the Internet"
S5 E6: Nopara73 on Wasabi Wallet, P2EP, Samourai & Bitcoin Privacy
S5 E5: Alessandro Cecere on Bitcoin Full Nodes
S5 E4: Francis Pouliot on Bull Bitcoin, P2EP, Citadels & Personal Security
S5 E3: Javier Bastardo on Bitcoin & Personal Security in Venezuela
S5 E2: Leo Wandersleb on WalletScrutiny & Why Samourai Isn't That Great
S5 E1: Bobby Lee on Ballet Cold Storage & Returning to the Real Bitcoin
S3 E11: JScrilla on his Bitcoin Hip Hop Album (Sound Money)
S4 Sponsored: Jack Tao on Phemex
S4 E10: Rodolfo Novak (nvk) on the Coldcard Wallet
S4 E9: Lixin Liu on Cobo Vault & Cobo Tablet
S4 E8: Slush on Trezor Hardware Wallets and Security Innovation
S4 E7: Peter Todd on Hardware Wallets, Security & ProofMarshall
S4 E6: JW Weatherman on Hardware Wallets, Cold Storage & Multisig
S4 E5: Bryan Aulds on Billfodl Steel Plates for Cold Storage
S4 E4: BTChip (Nicolas Bacca) on Ledger and Hardware Wallet Innovation
S4 E3: Lazy Ninja on Hacking Hardware Wallets
S4 E2: ShiftCrypto's Douglas Bakkum and Jonas Schnelli on the BitBox02 Hardware Wallet
S4 E1: ShapeShift COO Jon on the KeepKey Hardware Wallet
S3 E10: Christian CK on Shitcoins and Sovereignty
S3 E9: Ragnar Lifthrasir on Bitcoin and Mental Health
S3 E8: American HODL on 6.15 BTC & Eternal Riches
S3 E7: Colin Harper on Bitcoin Journalism and Marxism
S3 E6: Gigi on Bitcoin as a Living Organism
S3 E5: TruthRaider on Paul Le Roux and Bitcoin in Turkey
S3 E4: Carlos Roldan on Satoshi's Games and Lightning
S3 E3: Dan Hannum from Wall Street to Bitcoin
S3 E2: Jeremy on Bitcoin & American Patriotism
S3 E1: Shaitan Ioton on Bitcoin Philosophy & Influencers
S2 Bonus: Unpopular Opinions with Chris DeRose
S2 E11: Brent Philbin on Bitcoin-only Events and Podcasts
S2 E10: R.L. Bryer (Pittsburgh HODLR) on Bitcoin and Austrian Economics
S2 E9: Fartface 2000 on #LNTrustChain and Investments in BTC
S2 E8: Giacomo Zucco on Bitcoin-only events, The B & Neutrino
S2 E7: Sasquatch Muscle on Going from Shitcoiner to Bitcoin Maximalist
S2 E6: Patrick Miller on Bitcoin, Sovereignty, and Responsibility
S2 E5: Karo Zagorus on Bitcoin in Hungary and the Sociology of BTC
S2 E4: Rajarshi Maitra on Bitcoin in India and the Cult status of BTC communities
S2 E3: Igor Artamonov on Bitcoin's Competitive Advantage
S2 E2: Udi Wertheimer on Being a Bitcoiner
S2 E1: Wassim Alsindi on Bitcoin as a Time Machine
S1 E1: Donald McIntyre on Bitcoin, The Teachings of Tim May and Nick Szabo, and the History of Money
S1 E2: John Carvalho on Being a Long-Time Bitcoiner and Getting Engaged in Bitcoin Politics
S1 E3: Zack Voell on Bitcoin as a Political Mean, The Opt-In Economy, and Dating as a Bitcoiner
S1 E4: Omar Faridi on Bitcoin in Pakistan and Rebalancing the World Economy
S1 E5: Matt B on Bitcoin in Ireland and New Zealand, Satoshi Nakamoto Conspiracies, and More
S1 E6: Buzz Lightyear on Protecting Bitcoin
S1 E7: Avi Rosten on John Stuart Mill, Getting Into Bitcoin, and Meeting David Chaum
S1 E8: Anthony Lusardi on Bitcoin in New York, Scalability, and Altcoins
S1 E9: Crypto Brekkie (Brekkie van Bitcoin) on Loving Bitcoin, International Relations, and What BTC Can Do For Arts and Entertainment
S1 E10: Alena Vranova on Bitcoin as a Mean for Fairer Politics
S1 Bonus: Car Gonzalez Thriller Crypto After Dark Crossover
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Rabbit Hole Recap: Bitcoin Week of 2021.03.08
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#230: Layered Money, Complexity of USD, and a New Financial Stack with Nik Bhatia
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CD8: Corporate FOMO, BIPs, and Taproot with @futurepaul and @nvk
#227: Mining, energy, central banks of the future and capital allocation with Harry Sudock
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Rabbit Hole Recap: Bitcoin Week of 2021.01.25
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#225: Whitney Webb
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CD3: Shitcoin Regrets and Pricing the World in sats with dergigi & croesus_btc
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Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2020.01.06
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Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2019.12.30
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Tales from the Crypt #123: Bitcoin Sign Guy on Urbit
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Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2019.12.09
Tales from the Crypt #121: Hector Rosekrans
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Tales from the Crypt #120: Matt Ahlborg
Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2019.11.25
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Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2019.11.18
Tales from the Crypt #117: Wiz & m52go
Tales from the Crypt #116: Trace Mayer
Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2019.11.11
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Tales from the Crypt #114: Alpha Zeta
Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2019.11.04
Tales from the Crypt #113: Michael Caras AKA The Bitcoin Rabbi
Tales from the Crypt #112: Dhruv Bansal
Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2019.10.28
Tales from the Crypt #111: Evan Kaloudis
Tales from the Crypt #110: Saifedean Ammous
Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2019.10.21
Tales from the Crypt #109: Justin Moon
Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2019.10.14
Tales from the Crypt #108: Jared Dillian
Tales from the Crypt #107: American Hodl
Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2019.10.07
Tales from the Crypt #106: Aleks Svetski
Tales from the Crypt #105: Travis Kling
Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2019.09.30
Tales from the Crypt #104: Janine
Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2019.09.23
Tales from the Crypt #103: Mauricio Di Bartolomeo & Adam Reeds
Tales From The Crypt #102: John Doe
Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2019.09.16
Tales from the Crypt #101: Jack Mallers - Olympus Announcement
Tales from the Crypt #100: @arbedout
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Tales from the Crypt #98: Carla Kirk-Cohen
Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2019.09.09
Tales from the Crypt #97: Eric Voskuil
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Tales from the Crypt #95: Gleb Naumenko
Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2019.08.26
Tales from the Crypt #94: Fabian Jahr
Tales from the Crypt #93: Rodolfo Novak
Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2019.08.19
Tales from the Crypt #92: Bryan Bishop & Joseph Jackson
Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2019.08.12 LIVE w/ Pierre Rochard & Michael Goldstein
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Tales from the Crypt #89: BitcoinTINA & Alpha Zeta
Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2019.08.05
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Tales from the Crypt #85: Paranoid Bull
Tales from the Crypt #84: Bull Bitcoin
The Trump Tweet Ep: Marty, Matt and Murad Mahmudov
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Tales from the Crypt #83: Aleks Svetski
Rabbit Hole Recap: Freedom Edition Week of 2019.07.01
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Rabbit Hole Recap LIVE: Week of 2019.06.24
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Tales from the Crypt #73: Jan Čapek + Pavel Moravec
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Conversations from Riga: Matt Corallo + Hasufly
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Tales from the Crypt Ep1: The History of Bitcoin pt. II
Tales from the Crypt Ep1: The History of Bitcoin pt. I
A Conversation With Roman Martinez, Co-Founder of Bitcoin Beach (Recorded Live)
A Conversation With Vijay Boyapati, Author of the Bullish Case for Bitcoin
A Conversation With Jennifer Robertson, Co-Founder of Qwasar Silicon Valley
Paralelni Polis and Bordel Hackerspace (Recorded Live)
Chris Wood, COO of Pixelmatic
Stack and Ali Cofounders of Upcarta
Katie Ananina on Resilience and Being Self-Sovereign
Meme Lords Edition: Yellow, RD, Greg Zaj
Max Sills IP Counsel at Square and GM of COPA and Jed Grant Co-Founder of Open Crypto Alliance
A Conversation With Cypherpunk Now
Scarce.City With CEO Chris Tramount
On Privacy With Smuggler and Frank Braun, Part Two
On Privacy With Smuggler and Frank Braun, Part One
Yeti Cold and Bitcoin Core With JW Weatherman, Will and Robert Spigler
Hodlonaut, Katia and Karo Zagorus: Citadel 21, Part Two
Hodlonaut, Katia and Karo Zagorus: Citadel 21, Part One
A Conversation With Peter McCormack
Karo Zagorus, Bitcoiner With Guest Host Mario Gibney, Blockstream and the Unhashed Podcast
A Conversation With Rodolfo, CEO of Coinkite
Jonathan Leong - CEO and Co-Founder of BTSE
The Case for Bitcoin With Mir Liponi
Call for Code 2020 - COVID-19 and Climate Change
Phil Dettwiler, Head of Custody Storage and Transaction Banking at SEBA Bank AG
Deep Dive Into Erlay With Ivan Beschastnikh, Associate Professor of Computer Science, UBC
Team See Possibilities With Dan Berlin and Charles R. Scott
Adam Back - Cypherpunk, Applied Cryptographer, Inventor of Hashcash, Cofounder and CEO of Blockstream
Mari Galloway - CEO and Women's Society of Cyberjutsu (WSC) Founding Board Member
Adron Hall - Coder, Engineer, Architect
Dogu Taskiran - CEO at Stambol Studios
Samson Mow - CSO at Blockstream, CEO at Pixelmatic and 25% of Magical Crypto Friends
Alessandro Castellani - Founder of the Akira Project and Lead UX Architect for Thunderbird at Mozilla
Pieter Hintjens - ZMQ, Tech, Ideas, Community, Writing and Life
Giacomo Zucco, Director at BHB Network and CoFounder of TheB
Roman Snitko, CTO of HODL HODL
Andreas M. Antonopoulos
Call for Code - Project OWL
Tone Vays, Blockchain/Bitcoin Researcher and Derivatives Trader
IBM Innovates, Part 1: Artificial Intelligence and Call for Code
Jameson Lopp, Cypherpunk, Infrastructure Engineer and Bitcoin Philosopher
Dr. Richard M. Stallman, Software Freedom Activist
Yurii Rashkovskii, Open Source Entrepreneur
Claire Gallant - Gender, Tech and Futurism
MaRi Eagar - Crypto Philosopher, DigitalFutures B.U.I.L.D.
Peter Paul Van Hoeken, FrontFundr
Matthew Unger, IComply Investor Services
Mitchell Loureiro, SingularityNET
James Nugent
Martin Kleppmann
Hussein Hallak
Brian Benz
Erik Reppel and Robert Reppel
Nikolas Badminton
Dustin Krysak
Michael Feathers
Scott Bellware and Nathan Ladd
How to Stay Safe with Bitcoin
Scaling Bitcoin: Schnorr Signatures
The Anatomy of Proof-of-Work
Stuck transaction? How to fix this dreaded problem using the power of bitcoin
Segwit2x Bugs Explained
Replay protection schemes in Segwit2X
How to Protect Against Replay Attacks
What is a Bitcoin Merklized Abstract Syntax Tree (MAST)?
Bitcoin Gold: What you need to know
How Segwit2x Replay Protection Works
Blockstream Markets Weekly — Jan 28, 2022
Blockstream Markets Weekly — Jan 21, 2022
Blockstream Markets Weekly — Jan 14, 2022
Blockstream Markets Weekly — Jan 7, 2022
Blockstream Markets Weekly — Dec 31, 2021
Blockstream Markets Weekly — Dec 17, 2021
Blockstream Markets Weekly — Dec 10, 2021
Blockstream Markets Weekly — Dec 3, 2021
PSET: Constructing Confidential Transactions
Blockstream Markets Weekly — Nov 26, 2021
Blockstream Green: Primed for Taproot Activation
Seventh Tranche of the Blockstream Mining Note Available from Friday, Nov. 12
Blockstream Sponsors Minimint, a Privacy-Focused, Community-Led Scaling Solution for Bitcoin
Blockstream Closes $16 Million BMN Tranche, Brings Total to $36 Million
Specter Adds Blockstream Jade and Liquid Support
Sixth Tranche of the Blockstream Mining Note Available from Wednesday, Oct. 20
RaspiBlitz Integrates c-lightning for Lightweight, Customizable Functionality
Fifth Tranche of the Blockstream Mining Note Available from Monday, Oct. 18
National Securities Market Operator MERJ Exchange and Trading Technology Provider DIGTL to Utilize the Liquid Network
Fourth Tranche of the Blockstream Mining Note Available from Wednesday, Oct. 6
Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #184
Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #183
Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #182
Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #181
Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #180: 2021 Year-in-Review Special
Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #179
Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #178
Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #177
Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #176
Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #175
Bitcoin Core 0.20.2 released
Bitcoin Core 0.21.2 released
Bitcoin Core 22.0 released
Bitcoin Core 0.21.1 Released With Taproot Activation Code
Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 Released
Bitcoin Core 0.20.1 Released
Bitcoin Core 0.20.0 Released hidden service
Bitcoin Core 0.19.1 Released
Bitcoin Core 0.19.0 Released
CVE-2017-18350 Disclosure
Bitcoin Core 0.18.1 Released
Bitcoin Core 0.18.0 Released
Bitcoin Core 0.17.1 Released
Bitcoin Core 0.17.0 Released
CVE-2018-17144 Full Disclosure
Bitcoin Core 0.16.3 Released
Bitcoin Core 0.16.2 Released
Bitcoin Core 0.16.1 Released
Bitcoin Core 0.16.0 Released
Bitcoin Core 0.15.1 Released
Bitcoin Core Released
Bitcoin Core 0.15.0 Released
Correcting misinformation on Segwit2x and btc1
Bitcoin Core 0.14.2 Released
Bitcoin Core 0.14.1 Released
Technology roadmap - Prioritized block download with using full block SPV mode
Technology roadmap - Schnorr signatures and signature aggregation
On-chain scaling - a review of historical performance optimization made to Bitcoin’s reference software. Part 1
Bitcoin Core 0.14.0 Released with Performance Improvements
Bitcoin Core 0.13.2 Released
Segregated Witness Costs and Risks
Bitcoin Core 0.13.1 Released with Segregated Witness
Segregated Witness Upgrade Guide
Bitcoin Core 0.13.0 Released!
Segregated witness: the next steps
CSV softfork - Important upgrade instructions for miners
Version bits FAQ for miners
Compact Blocks FAQ
Bitcoin Core 0.12.1 Released!
New Repository Maintainer Appointed
Keep updated!
The first successful Zero-Knowledge Contingent Payment
Bitcoin Core 0.12.0 Released!
Clarifying Communications
Segregated Witness Benefits
Launch of Segregated Witness Testnet
Core Development Visualisation for 2015
Statement from Bitcoin Core -- 2016-01-07
Bitcoin Capacity Increases FAQ
Capacity increases for the Bitcoin system
Segregated Witness Video Presentation
Capacity increases Roadmap for the Bitcoin system
An Open Letter to the Bitcoin Community